Never gets old.

The Internet is home to many dangers and threats–online scams, credit card phishing, viruses, and, the most emotionally distressing, flash screamers. Ah, flash screamers. The Internet has changed a great deal, but that’s probably the one thing that’s never changed. Of course, strictly speaking that’s not true. The pictures of half-dead girls have changed, the high-pitched screams have changed, and the traps to lure people into being terrified out of their wits are still there. But the deluded, sadistic pleasure of laughing your ass off when you get to prank a friend hasn’t changed a bit.

This wasn’t the first time I tried pulling the Flash Screamer, but this was definitely the most memorable one. I actually fell for the prank first, but since my volume wasn’t on too high, I was just mildly startled and I closed it… and decided to pay it forward. In a time of inclement weather, there is no better trap to get anyone to click a link than something related to the suspension of classes, and so I tweeted “I LOVE YOU CHED” I was chatting with a friend while doing this, and he did the same thing as well, and we both ended up laughing our asses off as the hate messages (and, in his case, calls) came pouring in.

The usual cusses came in first, followed by a couple of more colorful hate tweets:

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. I can’t open my laptop. Too scared. AND I HAVE TO TYPE SOMETHING

You guys almost made me throw my laptop to the wall.


ARGH!!!!! Ako lang mag-isang gising dito. naka-headphones pa ako


POTAAAAAAAAAAA buti na lang di ko nilipat agad sound lang narinig ko. pero headphones

WTF?! O____O My ear drums…. My heart… T____T

grabe kuya.  tumayo yung balahibo ko.

A couple of people also took the time out to chat with me on YM and on Facebook to express their scorn. One had her headphones on max volume and another claims that “I almost literally pissed my boxers”. My friend received phone calls from two angry friends who shouted expletives at him.

Perhaps what I didn’t expect was that I got tweets from people I didn’t know. (My theory is that they searched for CHED on Twitter and saw my tweet.)  Feeling close much?

What I did expect though was people, being their mischievous selves, paying it forward as well. Which they did. Combined, I think my friend and I got about twenty retweets altogether. Since some of my followers retweeted manually (RT @lancekatigbak…), when their followers replied, I was mentioned as well and got my share of laughs from their misfortunes. When someone gets a good laugh out of you, it’s only fair that you get a good laugh out of others too!

Edit: THIS JUST IN. My friend’s tweet was retweeted by, of all people, a Jesuit Priest. Even priests can have their mischievous side.

That was probably why I got three new followers today.

Follow me? I promise not to post any more flash screamers… for now.


Logically speaking…

My deadly impulses have struck once again, and this time, I find myself with this delirious desire to begin blogging again. I finished a report on an interview with writer Butch Dalisay and I was pretty pleased with the output. I felt like a writer on commission for the Sunday Inquirer Magazine or something. For the longest time, I’d been writing for others, writing stories for children’s magazines and product articles for shoes and shirts. I guess the writer within me was just begging to be released, which is why I’m here once again.

I’m reaching the end of what would supposedly be the first quarter of my college life, and I’m enjoying it a great deal. With the exception of one subject which bores me to death and another subject which is driving me crazy because it’s in Filipino, I’ve pretty much been looking forward to making the 40-minute-if-I’m-lucky-but-1-hour-and-a-half-if-I’m-not trip from Alabang to Katipunan everyday. One of the subjects I’ve been enjoying in particular is Philo 11. That’s CRS code for Logic.

Pretty much everyone whom I asked about this class (after I had already enlisted in it of course) told me that I was crazy for choosing it. General Education (GE) subjects are supposed to pull your grades up, not drag them down, which is why I should always go for easy unos, they said. I understand their logic, which, when converted to a Logical Syllogism, would read:

GE subjects should be used to pull up your grades from difficult majors.

Pulling up your grades will require subjects where it is easy to get an uno.

Therefore, if you want to pull up your grades, you should get GE subjects where it is easy to get an uno.

Deductively speaking, the conclusion is validly derived from the premises. However, as I learned in class, the validity of the statement doesn’t equate to its cogency, that is, its truth value. Just because it makes sense doesn’t always mean it’s true. I figure that I’m in UP to learn, not to get high grades (although those are nice too). It’s not that I’m willing to get low grades, but rather that I’d rather take up subjects where the subject matter is something that I find interesting and work a bit harder than taking up the infamously easy subjects where getting an uno takes barely any effort.

Logic class has been just that. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve found it so fun that it’s almost therapeutic. Filling out truth tables has become mindless work, and converting statements to symbols has become somewhat of a challenge that I willingly take on. Since my course has no required math subjects, I’ve felt as though my brain has dulled a bit. Logic has filled in the void since a lot of the operations required are similar to the algebraic equations I actually enjoyed simplifying in high school. (nerd much?)

I don’t know how long my “noble” quest for knowledge will last, but hopefully longer than one semester. There are a number of classes offered which I find interesting that are also supposedly easy. Logically speaking, when both premises are true, there’s no way the conclusion can be false.