Day 12 in Colorado

I had the time of my life doing something I never thought I’d do–skiing. Uncle Richard took me to El Dorado, a ski resort that’s 9,000 feet above sea level. It was a forty five minute drive from Boulder, and it was the whitest and coldest place I had ever been to. It was a great day for skiing because the sun was out and it wasn’t that cold. Relatively. It was still below zero.

I signed up for a first timers ski class and rented out some equipment. Ski boots are the worst thing ever. They pinch your feet and go all the way up to your shin, making it impossible for you to walk properly. I tried walking around a bit as we waited for the lesson to start but I didn’t get very far. Our class was really small. There were only four of us in it, so our instructor, Tim, was able to focus on us pretty well. He started us out by doing some exercises like duck walking and side stepping. We practiced going up and down a small slope and we learned how to stop. It wasn’t much fun…yet.

We headed to the beginner’s slope, which they called the Magic Carpet because you ride up a conveyor belt to get to the top. There, we learned how to turn properly. As I learned, skiing isn’t about going down in a straight line. It’s all about turns, and swerving your way to the bottom. This is where I had the most trouble. I had problems turning left–i could only turn right. Tim taught me another way of doing it and I got it after that. I was far from even looking good, but at least I could control myself. I fell a few times though. It also started to snow a bit. I loved it!

After lunch, we practiced the Magic Carpet a few more times before we headed to the more advanced slope. It was called the Bunny Slope, or something like that. This time, we got to ride a ski lift! It was amazing! I had a fantastic view of the park. I fell down when I got off though. The trail itself was a lot more challenging because it was a lot steeper. I did it twice with Tim and fell a couple of times, but generally it felt great. I could feel the wind going through me as I skied down the hill. In the middle of the second try, we pulled over and played around in a 12-inch deep layer of powdered snow. It was amazing! I got to make my first snow angel. I don’t care if I’m an 18 year old boy. It was fun!

After the lesson ended, I went back up two more times to do it. It seemed like I did better when the instructor wasn’t looking! Nothing against him though. He was a fantastic teacher. I learned how to unload from the ski lift without falling and I got my turns down too. After that, we went home.

My body was still a bit sore and I was still reacting as though I had skis and poles. I’d lean every time the car would turn. We stopped by a hardware store called McGuckin’s which had practically all the hardware equipment you’d ever need…and more! All their staff members are professionals in their respective fields, be it plumbing or lighting, so they really knew their stuff. I bought a fire starter just for kicks.

We had dinner in a place called Ted’s. I had a Bison BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. It was great but it tasted just like beef.

I had an amazing time in Colorado. Uncle Richard and Tita Sockie really made sure I had a great time. It’s off to LA tomorrow!

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