Day 9 in Baltimore

I am becoming very bad at this whole remembering business. I left my passport at home on the way to the airport so we had to go back to get it. Thankfully, we were only about ten minutes away. Ate Mary Ann took me to the Long Island Airport where I got to experience a curbside check in for the first time. I’ll further remember it because I had to take out stuff from my check in luggage because it was overweight.

It was pretty easy to get through everything except maybe the x-ray machine. I had so many layers on on me because I had to put on a sweater I took out of the bag. They also tossed out the Nutella that I accidentally left in. Whoops.

The fight to Maryland was reminiscent of a Cebu Pacific flight except they had free beverages and refreshments. The pilot flew the plane the same way. Seating was on a first-come, first-served basis so I ended up near the  back. I got an aisle seat though!

Ninong Doc and Tita Avic picked me up and took me to this amazing Brazilian steakhouse. It was unlike anything I’d ever had before! There’s an unlimited salad bar and an unlimited streak service. They had sixteen different kinds of steak from fillet mignon to ribeye to lamb. They were ask deliciously grilled. Waiters would go around with meat impaled on long Skewers that they’d cut for you. Amazing! We had key lime pie for dessert.

Both of them work at Johns Hopkins, the number one hospital in America, and so they took me there afterwards. I got to see one of the oldest buildings as well as a terrific statue of the Risen Christ. I felt like I was on an extended campus tour! The weather was fantastic so we got to take photos outside.

We went to Cold Stone afterwards where I ordered a delicious mix of peanut butter ice cream with Reese’s, Snickers, and Butterfingers. I never got to finish it though. It was huge! I also got to see Costco, which S&R was supposedly modeled after.

We headed home for a sorry while to pick up the kids and pretty soon we were  off to a big mall called Arundel. We looked around and had dinner in the food court. I finally got to taste Popeye’s again! I missed those biscuits. There were a lot of outlets  too.given more time and more luggage,I would’ve probably bought a few things.

I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Baltimore is a great little town and there are so many things to try and do. I’m sure there will be a next time though. Colorado tomorrow.  It’s snow time!

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