Day 8 in NYC

It was my last day in New York, but it couldn’t have ended any better.

I got up pretty late today. I got up at around noon since we didn’t have to rush to catch an early train. Ate Dimples and I went to the city and headed straight for the first stop on today’s checklist: the Empire State Building. A tour guide approached us and told us he could get us tickets without having to line up, which is what we did. I don’t know how much the difference would’ve been, but we took it anyway. Our first stop was the New York City Skyride, which is like Rialto of sorts. It’s basically a short movie where your pilot, Kevin Bacon, takes you on a crazy space shuttle-esque ride around New York City. The chairs moved and all, and it was pretty funny, so that was a lot of fun. It was shot a long time ago though, so it seemed a bit outdated. But nonetheless, it was a lot of fun.

We headed straight for the 86th floor after a quick meal. It was freezing! But the view was amazing. We could see the whole New York, as far out as the Statue of Liberty. I took a couple of photos which I’ll upload soon. We couldn’t stay long because we were freezing to death so we went down after about fifteen minutes. We spent a total of about two hours in the whole Empire State though, and I don’t understand how that happened since it felt so short.

We took a cab to one place that I’d been wanting to go to for a long time–the Fountain Pen Hospital. It’s the Mecca for fountain pen collectors and I’d heard so much about it. When we finally got there, I was in awe. It was like a museum for fountain pens, all of which you could buy (assuming you had the money though). After looking around, Ate Dimples got a Parker for each of us. They were the same model but different styles. I can’t remember the name now though! We also got a bottle of ink each.

We headed for Battery Park next. We passed Ground Zero on the way although it was blocked by a lot of construction fences. I got some great shots on the waterside. I didn’t get the name though.

After all that, it was time for the event I was looking forward to most this whole New York trip–the Bulls at Knicks game! We took a cab to Madison Square Garden, “The Most Famous Arena In The World”. They had a sale on jerseys so she bought me a Stoudemire jersey since I already had a ‘Melo t-shirt from Kuya Jamboy.

We got hotdogs to eat, but I wasn’t really hungry. I was just bewildered at the sight of some of the greatest basketball players of my generation playing on the court in front of me. I saw Rose and Melo who had just been named All-Star starters for the East, as well as all the other players on the team. It was amazing! I got my five seconds of fame when I tweeted with the #Knicks hashtag and saw it displayed on the Jumbo Tron!

Experiencing an NBA game was one of a kind. It’s actually a lot calmer than a Filipino basketball game since people don’t stand up till the fourth quarter. It was a fantastic game, with neither team really holding a strong advantage. Rose was crazy, just slicing through the lanes and dishing assists like there was no tomorrow. Stoudemire and Melo played great too. Amare was dunking his way through and Melo made some great jumpshots. In the end, the Bulls won by three after Melo missed the potential game-tier.

To add the exclamation point, I left the plastic bag with our Knicks merchandise on the train. We had to drive back to the station to get it. Thankfully, nobody had gotten it and the train hadn’t left yet.

My time in New York was one I’ll never get. Thank you so much to Tito Leo, Tita Malu, and my cousins. Special mention goes to Ate Dimples for all she did for me today. I love you all! It’s off to Maryland tomorrow!

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