Day 6 in Boston

From visiting the best film school in the world, today I got to visit the best university in the world. I took the Bolt Bus from New York to Boston and met up with Michi, my friend from high school. Everything went pretty fast from there. We stopped by one of the cafeterias to pick up a quick lunch to go. I got a burrito to go, which was pretty good until I bit a chili and my mouth caught fire.

I sat in her Life Sciences 1B Class. It was quite an experience! The first thing I noticed was that there was a huge screen flashing a Powerpoint, and that there was a voice lecturing throughout. But, I couldn’t see where the voice was coming from. It turns out that the professor was teaching in the adjacent hall, and he was being streamed live from there. The hall wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the students so they had a spillover room. There were two professors in the second room to facilitate questions and to correct the lecturer and clarify the lecture. It was fantastic! The lecturer was incredibly funny and taught really well. It was too bad that I couldn’t understand anything because it was all about genetics. (I guess that makes it seem contradictory, but if I had background knowledge, I would’ve probably understood it.)

Afterwards, she had a short break so she showed me a bit around the campus. We got to see her dorm room, which was pretty big, considering there were only two of them in the room. It was also a lot better kept than the boys’ dorm at NYU. It figures–they’re girls. Haha!

We went to her next class afterwards, which was The Freshman Seminar on Happiness. I was blown away. It was a discussion type class, meaning the professor just facilitates a group discussion around a meeting table. It was all about the science and psychology of happiness. It’s the sort of class I’d love to take. It was about topics like how happiness is measured, introspection, the difference between happiness and joy, and what luck and experience have to do with happiness. Almost all fifteen students participated, and they were all giving very insightful, cognitive answers. Just what you’d expect from Harvard Students!

Michi had an interview to go to, so she dropped me off at the Coop, which is basically the Harvard Bookstore and Apparel Store. I thought the NYU Bookstore was huge until I saw this one. It was three storeys high and was probably as big as the Fully Booked in the Fort! They also had a huge collection of all the Harvard apparel and merchandise you’d ever need. And these weren’t just any apparel–they were branded! Adidas, Underarmour, even Ralph Lauren! I bought a shirt and some pencils for pasalubong. (Hi Teenpreneur Team!)

We had dinner at Annenberg Dining Hall. WOW, was it amazing! It looked almost exactly like the Hogwarts Great Hall! (Google it) They had a dinner buffet, and I got ribs, rice, a root beer float, and yoghurt. Afterwards, she took me around Harvard. I saw Kirkland (Zuckerberg’s House!) and the Charles River. It was beautiful! I can’t wait for the pictures.

I met up with Ate Mia, one of my mom’s former students, at a cafe called L.A. Burdick. They had the best hot chocolate ever! It’s out of this world! She took me to Target. It’s sad that I don’t have any more money left. There was some amazing stuff!

I’m now in their apartment. I got some great news as well. I was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: and will be on a local TV show in a couple of days. I can’t wait! It’s back to NYC tomorrow. Wow, this traveling is tiring!

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