Day 5 in NYC

I didn’t really have anything planned for today, so it was mostly sporadic. I went with my cousin to work again today and headed straight for Times Square. I kept myself busy looking at the gigantic billboards and entering the different stores. I walked by the Wax Museum but it was closed. Fortunately, Ripley’s Museum was right beside it, and it was open. It was also a lot cheaper. Wax figures or crazy, bizarre people? Definitely the latter for me.

I really enjoyed Ripley’s Museum. Although I can’t remember half the things I saw inside, I was fascinated by everything. A lot of the exhibits were interactive, which was really cool as well. I got to do one of those laser mazes and clocked in an absolutely terrible time. I also got to walk through a black hole simulation. One of the coolest things was the bookshelf that opened automatically. You’d think you were in a dead end, but when you stand in front of the book shelf, it just opens right up!

After Ripley’s, I went into the Disney Store and M&M World. The things inside were pretty pricey though, so I didn’t buy anything. I also checked out a couple of stores that sold sports memorabilia. Other than that, there wasn’t much else to my fancy there. I liked Fifth Avenue better. It’s probably because I had more money.

I had lunch at Papaya Dog because Gray’s Papaya was closed. It was good, but it tasted the same as Nathan’s. I don’t like it with the relish.

After lunch, I took the subway to NYU. I went exploring for a bit and found myself in the bookstore. It makes the UP Shopping Center look like a second-hand shop. They had everything from NYU memorabilia, apparel, and, of course, books. When I say books, I don’t just mean a couple of reading materials. They had books on so many subjects! I really appreciated the bookshelf with books on Film and Television Production. I spent half an hour just trying to pick which book I should buy. I ended up getting a small pocketsized book on “Guerrilla Filmmaking” for about $20 and an NYU hoodie which was on sale for another $20.

It was quite an interesting feeling walking in the campus of my dream school. Although there isn’t really a campus within a boundary, just seeing all the amazing buildings and everything around made me a bit sad, but also a bit encouraged to work hard so that I could go there someday. I met up with Javier, one of my friends from high school, and he showed me around. We went to their library which was huge. It was like ten storeys tall or something. He showed me the dining hall and his dorm room which looked a lot like a boys’ dorm room, as evidenced by the unmade beds. One of his dormmates was a film student and I was looking at the books on his shelf. He had dozens of different film books. I wish they sold those in the Philippines!

Afterwards, we went to the fitness center. I couldn’t go in, though, so I left and headed back for Midtown. I stopped by at a bookstore called Strand which my friend recommended to me. They had books that were incredibly discounted, even the brand new ones. It was amazing! I picked up two more books on filmmaking. I figured it was now or never.

We had dinner with my cousin and his family, because it was his wife’s birthday. I spent the time playing with my nephews and nieces who are about as young as my brothers and sisters. They’re really a lot of fun to be around. I hope they get to see the Philippines soon!

I’m headed off to Boston in a couple of hours. Weather reports say it’s going to snow. Uh oh, here we go!

    • Gigi Cruz
    • January 31st, 2012

    Hi Lance,
    You may not know me but hopefully your mom or titas have mentioned me in passing. Anyway, it is pure joy reading your journal and seeing NY from your perspective. Will definitely be looking at it differently the next time we’re there.
    Anyway, your Uncle Ed (my husband) who also reads your blog mentioned you heading off to Boston next. If you are free, and find some time to spare, do not hesitate to call your cousin Nathan (my son). He is 19 and currently attends Boston University (Sophomore) as a Comm major – Advertising (finished his minor in Visual Arts). His cell phone is 925-640-0811. I know this is short notice but was not aware you had Boston as part of your itinerary. Hope you guys connect. Let me know so that we may give him a heads-up. Boston is a very nice city too.
    Keep up the great work and have fun!

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